Over eight lakh people are committing suicide every year worldwide. World Health Organization has described suicide as the most important public health issue. But now there is a positive news about suicide statistics. It has been said that the rate of suicides worldwide has dropped by more than a third since 1990. It is clear from the fact that people are now committing suicide less than ever before in the world.

This report is from the Global Burden of Disease. It has been said that suicide rates have dropped by more than one-third in the world since 1990. Its figures have been published in the BMJ Journal. It says that in 2016, 8 lakh 17 thousand people committed suicide. This was the year in which suicide had increased 6.7 percent since 1990. After this there is a fall.

The report says that due to the increase in the global population over the last three decades, 16.6 out of the first one lakh people were committing suicide, this figure has now been reduced to 11.2. That is 32.2 percent fall in this. This is due to the lack of better access to health services and the number of people living in poverty.

The report says men have committed suicide more than women. This includes the age limit between 15 to 19 years. That is, the rate of this age limit is see. In one lakh men, 15.6 committed suicide, whereas in women it is 7 lakh in lakhs. In India and China, 44.2 percent of people committed suicide in 2016. But where China’s suicide rate has increased by 64.1 percent since 1990, India has lost 15.2 percent.