In the speciality of Kansas, a girl G.Uvediya is on 467 days life support system. On Thursday, she was discharged two days before her 17th birthday. During this time Uweedia had a life support system. she says that leaving my life with the life support system increased my confidence. It seems that I will recover soon. Nothing in life is permanent.

Uvediya’s mysterious illness started in October 2017. she started having difficulty breathing suddenly. Her lungs almost stopped working. But why this happened, no one had the answer to it. Seeing the symptoms of Uvedia, her mother, Brie Krshan, took her to Emergency Physician. she was admitted to a hospital. When the matter was not heard, the flight was taken to Children’s Mercy Hospital in Kansas City.

Several investigations were conducted at Mercy Hospital to detect Uvadia’s deteriorating condition. It was found that Uvadia could have an allergic reaction from antibiotic bacterium. Brie had told that before being admitted to the hospital for the first time, she was given antibiotics for any kidney infections.

Jena Miller, a doctor at Mercy Hospital, said that we will not be able to prove this 100%, but we have got five such cases, due to the reaction of antibiotics, there was a serious respiratory illness.

In the hospital, Uvedia was placed on Highvel support system. It is called Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation (ECMO). In this, the patient’s blood is sent through a pump in the artificial lungs. In the artificial lungs, oxygen is mixed in the blood and carbon dioxide is removed. After this blood is taken to the body.

In the US, patients recovering through ECMO are 72%. While 800 patients were treated with ECMO at Children’s Mercy Hospital, 78% were cured.Uvadia is the first patient who, despite being engaged with ECMO, stood up, stood up and walked himself out of the hospital. According to Dr. Miller – we believe he can be better. I think it can be an example for many people.

According to doctors, the case of Uvediya was quite different from the others. He was engaged in ECMO for 189 days (more than six months). It has been seen that a person has been living on ECMO for more than 100 days.