There are so many strange things in the world that the discovery has surprised people from time to time. One such strange thing has been found in a UK youth in Yorkshire, which has opened several secrets of 185 million years old. Scientists are also surprised by this search.

Actually, 22-year-old Aaron Smith, who was looking for fossils, was looking for something similar on the shore of the sea. Only then did they get an old cannonball. The sphere had turned into a strange, shiny rock, which looked like gold in appearance. When Aaron saw that cannonball, he was surprised.

The young man got a rare fossil inside the cannonball. It is being told that these fossils are of sea creatures Clive versus, which were on Earth 185 million years ago, but have now become extinct. Clavisers were a giant creature that looked like an octopus in appearance.

Aaron said that the cannonball was like gold, which had a layer of iron pyrite, and that was why it was very shiny. According to the scientists, there was no harsh shield on the incline cervix. For this reason, their fossils have been found very little on earth.

Aaron also shared the video of this search on social media. Scientists have even discovered the best search ever so far. They say that only one of these fossils is found in millions. These are excellent for research, which will remove the curtain from many millions of years old.