Police have busted a gang in Pollachi, Tamil Nadu, who used to sexual harass women . The police has arrested four accused in this case. These accused used to contact women through social media.

According to the media report, in the case of sexual harassment, the first gang members used to socialize with women through social media. After that he used to meet them and forcibly made their porn video. None of the accused used to put that video on social media.

This case came up when a 19-year-old girl filed a case of blackmail and sexual harassment. When police investigated the matter, they found a mobile from the accused, which had more than 50 videos. It is being told that the accused used to entangle 20 to 29 year old women in their clutches.

It is being reported that in this case, most women are girls going to college, girls working in the office, doctors and senior secondary schools. These victims live in Chennai, Salem, Coimbatore and other parts of the state. In this case, the victims did not file complaint against the fear of the society.