13 people are recovering from carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning. They were sickened in a Vancouver office.

Emergency Health Services says that two of those people are critical condition and this was not an isolated incident.

One of the doctors says there’s been a recent spike in CO cases in Vancouver.

Employees say offices at this building in Vancouver were evacuated after serious carbon monoxide leak.

Carbon monoxide is colorless and odorless. One person collapsed and paramedics called in to help.

BC Emergency Health Services tweeted, “Earlier today #BCEHS paramedics responded to a call for a patient who had collapsed. Paramedics, who wear CO monitors, arrived on scene and immediately detected carbon monoxide. In total, 13 patients were treated for poisoning and transported to hospital, 2 in critical condition.”

Paramedics who wear CO monitors arrived on scene and immediately detected carbon monoxide.

Patients were taken to St. Paul’s Hospital and to Vancouver general.

Dr. Bruce, who treated one of the patients said, “Only one or two were significantly poisoned. We took the worst one and had to put them in the chamber here and they’re still unwell and they are going to probably remain in hospital.”

Carbon monoxide poisoning can lead to nausea, brain damage, seizures, and death.

Dr. Bruce said that the 13 people treated today are part of a worrying spike in CO cases.

-Harleen Sandhu