When you think of something that makes you stop and stare because it’s so pretty, you’re probably imagining a beautiful sunset, a flower that’s finally in full bloom, or a smiling baby.

What you don’t typically think of? Corn. But now, thanks to this incredible hybrid corn, you just might think of the tasty veggie differently! Glass Gem corn was bred by farmer Carl Barnes.

He carefully combined several traditional varietals of corn to create the stunning, multicoloured variety.

Barnes, who was part Cherokee, also taught the process of breeding and seed conservation to his students.

Glass Gem is a type of flint corn, also known as “Indian” or “calico” corn, and is native to North America.

It’s harder than sweet corn, but can be ground into cornmeal, puffed into hominy, or popped into popcorn.

But more than being beautiful, the corn is also symbolic of the movement to preserve North America’s wild, native, Corn like this represents the amazing diversity of plants and crops that can grow in North America, providing food, but also making the world a little more beautiful!and traditional foods, especially as food becomes more and more homogenized.

-Shikha Sandhir