Whenever Apple launches a new iPhone, people joke about selling their kidney to buy an iPhone, as iPhones usually cost more than the Android counterpart. One guy in 2011 took this advice too seriously, and here is a story of the Xiao Wang, the boy who lost his life for the sake of owning an iPhone.

here is a story about a man who actually sold his kidney to get the latest iphone in china 2011.A 17-year old Chinese man named Xiao wang traded  his kidney to buy Apple iphone 4 in 2011 as going to school with an iphone is considered  as “Symbol of status.”He sold one kidney for USD 3,200 which is a bit more than the price of the kidney .Wang would have never thought that buying an Apple iphone might make him suffer throughout his life.

Wang’s operation was done in an underground hospital, and the doctor’s who did the operation did not follow the proper surgical procedure, which led to an infection, which killed the other kidney as well. Fast forward to 2018, Xiao Wang is now 24 years old, and he has to undergo weekly dialysis for the rest of his life. Just for the sake of owning an iPhone Wang lost his life.