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The magic of Smartphone and social media is soaring by the people that they are forgetting to care for their children. This has been revealed in a study conducted in 11 countries of emerging economies, including India. 90 percent of the people surveyed say that they are benefiting from Smartphone and social media.

Further in the use of social media apps: According to the study of the Pew Research Center, on average, 64 percent of the people in these countries use an app from seven of the social media or Messaging app. At the same time, 53 per cent of people use the internet and app equipped Smartphone. The survey included people from India, Colombia, Venezuela, Mexico, South Africa, Kenya, Vietnam, Philippines, Jordan, Lebanon and Tunisia. 64 percent of the people surveyed included Facebook and 47 percent were those who used WhatsApp.

Happiness to be associated with one another

 Ninety-nine percent of the surveyed people say that Smartphone and social media are very helpful in connecting with them, due to which they are happy. Eight out of 10 people say that 80% of them say that they get fresh news through this, and in this sense it is beneficial for them. According to the study, most of the Smartphone and social media consider it beneficial for education and economy.

Challenge made to be a bad influence on children: According to the study, when people involved in the survey asked about the impact of Smartphone and social media on children, it got mixed answers. 79 percent of the respondents said that parents should be careful about the impact on children, because access to content that causes adverse effects on them becomes easy. It also said that the children are having a bad effect on them. At the same time, two-thirds of the people say that mobile is affecting children in their country.

Bad impact on children

People in the survey say that Smartphone and social media are benefiting in many ways. However, there has been growing panic over its negative effects on children. Lee Rennie, director of Puy, says that despite the benefits from Smartphone and social media, people will also be particularly careful about how their society and children are affected.