In the army, a CO is someone next to your father. He instructs you, motivates you, punishes you but in the end, he wishes to see you doing great service to the nation, wishes to see you excel. Some COs are not celebrated like others but those who are can bring down or hold a government to ransom on merely issuing a single order to their platoons.
One such Colonel of Bihar Regiment was killed by deception when he went to a meeting that aimed to de-escalate the tension.

मास्क ऑक्सीजन अंदर जाने नहीं दे रहा और Co2 से 5 मिनट में भर जाता है || Dr. Biswroop Ray Choudhary ||
Around sixty soldiers of the Bihar regiment went on a rampage upon hearing their father figure like CO was killed in such a manner. Despite strict orders issued from the command center, they intruded into the border and rained down one of the most wildly fearsome attacks of primitive fight methods, without guns blazing, you will ever witness in modern military history on the backtracking PLA platoon that couldn’t make out what hit their sorry souls. At least fifteen PLA soldiers were left with their necks snapped, dangling from their body, few had their vertebrae broken indicating massive force being exerted on their bodies pointing to a gruesome frontal assault and few had their faces charred probably stoned heavily. Some of those PLA soldiers were thrown in the gorge nearby and in this melee, few of our soldiers went down as well. The Indian soldiers who came back and narrated this were excited to tell how they heard PLA soldiers screaming at high pitched girly voices.
Few Indian soldiers whose body were later returned had their guts spilling out probably while the lucky ones managed to escape in nearby mountains when PLA troops multiplied, after being informed from their squadron about the attack who came back only to see a pool of bodies lying, and relieved the lying Indian soldiers there from their pain. A figure much bigger than reported 43, can be 100 easily if not 150. Some of Biharis are believed to be joined by Ghatak troops or Mountain Corps Strike (unconfirmed so far) because if you see the attack and injury style, it has Ghatak written all over it. While some Biharis managed to come back screaming in pain; at the same time, they were at peace and continuously chanting war cries to have avenged their fallen commander.

ससुराल पक्ष के तानों से परेशान हो युवक ने उठाया ऐसा कदम
Now the silence is all over the camp but the next batch of soldiers are pumped up if the situation be. Few soldiers have been airlifted to army hospitals, while they have their morales high; they miss their commander in chief and comrades. Sentiment across PLA is furious and battalions are ready for a full-fledged war but top commanders aren’t willing upon seeing the ratio of damage. They held another meeting after the attack in which some of our soldiers went secretly armed with khukuri and other objects but gladly that meeting went without a repeat of the last event. The tone of PLA Colonel was sympathetic and he was willing to restore the status quo. And let me tell you one more thing, a lot of other things happened on many points throughout the Indo-China border. I think that’s enough information for a civilian…and rest you will hear from conspiracy theory pages soon.

कोरोना को हटाएंगे पंजाब को फतेह करवाएंगे

Few years down the line, when the history is being written I hope it will be actual and kind to the tremendous and ferocious guts which Biharis showed that night of 15th Jun in 2020 in the icy cold plateau of Galwan that sent the imperialist Chinese army into a state of reconciliation, yeah the same army that captured and annexed Tibet/Xinjiang/Aksai Chin/Mongolian parts by force and blood, the very same army is compromising a position for safety and return of status quo.

Times that we live in.