In the case of the murder of journalist Ramchandra Chattrapati, the CBI court of Panchkula has sentenced the life of Dera Sacha Sauda and three others to life imprisonment. After this order many questions arise, what is the meaning of the sentence of life imprisonment for Dera chief? So, how much time will the Dera chief be prepared to plot the murder?
Apart from this, the sentence of life imprisonment will start after the Dera chief has been convicted in the first two cases. what does it mean?

What did the court said on Ramchandra?
The judge who punished the Dera chief in the murder case of Chhatrapati said about journalist and journalism, “Sirsa journalist Ramchandra Chattrapati has given his life to keep people’s faith in journalism, not to say that the killer of Talwar is killed Faster than that. Journalism is a serious task, which solves the desire to report truth. It is very difficult to report to the truth for any honest and dedicated journalist. It is especially difficult to write against any effective person who gets political protection. This is what happened in the current case. ”

The court said, “An honest journalist wrote about the influential dera chief and his activities and gave life to them.” Democracy’s pillar cannot be allowed to be erased in this way. Journalism is dazzling in job, but no big reward There is no scope for getting it, in the traditional sense it can also be called the true value of service to the society. ”
“It has also come to the notice that the journalist said many times that he should come under influence or choose to punish himself. Those who do not come under influence, they have to face the consequences, which sometimes have to do with their life. To pay. ”
“It is a fight between good and evil. This is also the case with that an honest journalist wrote about the influential dera chief and his activities and gave life to them.”Will run separately
Section 427 of CrPC has already made provision in respect to the punishment awarded to the convict who is being punished for any other offense, in case of being pronounced guilty in different case.

According to the clause (1) of this section, if the court pronouncing the sentence does not issue this directive that the sentence pronounced later will go along with the earlier sentence, then the person who is already imprisoned in the crime for a new case After the conviction, the sentence of imprisonment or life imprisonment, the punishment pronounced later will begin only after the completion of the sentence.
How many years of punishment?
According to Section 427 (2), if the perpetrator is already serving life imprisonment and later sentenced to life imprisonment, even if convicted in other cases, punishment for both the cases will run simultaneously.
This means that when a criminal is punishing in any case (not lifelong imprisonment) and he is sentenced to life imprisonment in any other case then the sentence of the second case will be naturally starting after the first sentence is complete. .

However, upon giving instruction to the court pronouncing punishment, both the sentences can be parallel / simultaneous. But it is necessary for the court to consider the circumstances of both the cases. In which case, the fixed scale has not been decided on how to issue instructions to execute the sentence together or parallel.
These assessments are based on at least 14 years in case of murder and murder of 9-9 years in two cases of 10 years of sentence. But the sentence of life imprisonment can be changed in 14 years. This criminal does not have the legal right. Therefore, the duration of the sentence can be extended and for few years.

-Shikha Sandhir