Men are more affected than women when they are elderly and poor memory and forgetting diseases. A research related to this in the US which has helped in understanding this concept . It has been found that women’s brain is biologically about four years younger than their own brains. This is revealed in the study of the University of Washington School of Medicine.

Metabolism research

According to researchers, differences between women and men are seen in old age. Brain metabolism can help us to understand this difference. Dr Manu Goyal, head of the research team, said that it is not that the age of men’s brain increases rapidly. The adult stage in them starts from women three years later. It lasts for a lifetime.

It was already known that with the aging, men’s mind shrinks faster than women’s brains. But this study has revealed that their brain’s metabolism is also different.

This can help to understand this, that in the old age, there is a decline in men’s memory. Their speech also weakens. Perhaps the young minds of women keep their brains in the old age for long periods of time.According to Dr. Manu Goyal, we are looking at gender-based reasons about how they affect the age of the brain. It is also understanding how in these ways the brain increases the risk of neurodegenerative diseases. Studies have helped to understand why women are mentally retarded for a longer period than men.

Testing of glucose consumption

This research was published in the National Academy of Science magazine. During research, brain scan of 205 men and women of 20 to 82 years was done. Their actual age was compared to the age of their brains.It used to be the basis for the use of oxygen as glucose and fuel. As the age progresses, our brain starts to burn more glucose for its development and for daily work and mental challenges.

Computer algorithms found that women used more glucose compared to brain development. It showed that their brain is more younger. Women’s brain was found biologically 3.8 years younger than men’s brain.