To increase the amount of sugar in the human body is called diabetes. A team of researchers, including doctors of Osmania General Hospital (OGH) of Telangana’s capital Hyderabad, have found a ‘spiritual’ way of treating diabetes. And its source is Bhagavat Gita.

Researchers say that the Bhagavat Gita to Arjuna and can be used in the treatment of the communication disorders between Lord Krishna, especially in the treatment of chronic diseases such as diabetes. Researchers are pointing to the verses of Bhagwat gita that explain the different situations in life in detail.

What does gita tell

The researchers said, “The Gita identifies negative situations and tells them the positive way to fight, Lord Krishna told and Arjun followed it.”

Researchers have said that diabetes is a lifestyle disease that means it is linked to your lifestyle. Therefore, it is necessary for the treatment to be fully modified in the lifestyle, including changes in basic activities such as catering and exercise. Researchers said that using the teachings of Bhagwat gita can help in facing it.

Doctor and Doctors Abroad

This study was published in the Indian Journal of Endocrinology and Metabolism. This study included doctors and researchers from many hospitals in the country and abroad and from the Research Institutes. Foreign experts were from Dhaka Medical College Hospital in Bangladesh, Mitford Hospital in Dhaka and Aga Khan University Hospital in Karachi in Pakistan.

Why patient needs  Bhagavat Gita?

Researchers said, “Bhagavat Gita is more than a religious or philosophical book, more than 700 verses give a deeper understanding of understanding every aspect of life and it is relevant to the whole world.”

With this, he said that after diagnosing the disease of diabetes, the sufferer often engages in feelings of sadness. Because he has to leave some of the sweetest things in his life.

 Bhagavat Gita

Researchers said, “They have to indulge in restraint, change their lifestyle and follow the doctor’s advice.” Blood glucose levels and insulin do not have to be monitored by themselves, then there is a need for Gita. ”

-Shikha Sandhir