New Delhi: Harish Chaudhary has been appointed in-charge of Punjab Congress in place of Harish Rawat. It may be mentioned here that the Congress High Command has removed Harish Rawat from the post of Punjab Congress in-charge and appointed Harish Chaudhary as the new in-charge of Punjab Congress.

आम आदमी पार्टी का बड़ा बयान, देखों क्या-क्या बोला कांग्रेस के खिलाफ

After all, Harish Rawat had been demanding for a long time that he be removed from the post of Punjab Congress in-charge. Rawat argued that he now wanted to play a responsible role in active politics in Uttarakhand.
As in-charge of the Punjab Congress, he is not functioning properly in Uttarakhand, so he should be relieved of the responsibility of Punjab. Therefore, Harish Rawat has now been replaced by Harish Chaudhary, Revenue Minister of Rajasthan and co-incharge of Punjab, as the new in-charge of Punjab Congress.

किन वजहों से अलग है हिन्दू धर्म अन्य धर्मों से || Hindu Dharm ||

In fact, along with Punjab, Assembly elections are also to be held in Uttarakhand. Harish Rawat is vying for the post of Congress Chief Minister in Uttarakhand. Due to which they now want to give the rest of the time to Uttarakhand.