Kangana Ranaut recently addressed the ongoing discourse between India and Canada, expressing her concerns that her films have faced restrictions in Punjab and have been met with opposition from the Sikh community due to her outspoken stance against Khalistanis.

In a recent update on her Instagram Stories, Ranaut shared her perspective, stating, “The current situation in Punjab is disheartening. When I vocalized my opposition to Khalistanis, they succeeded in convincing the Sikh community that my views were against the entire community. To this day, my films continue to be banned in Punjab. It is distressing to see how easily misinformation can be used to incite the community.”

In a subsequent Instagram Story, she further elaborated on her stance, urging the Sikh community to distance themselves from Khalistani elements and encouraging more Sikhs to support the concept of Akhand Bharat. Ranaut expressed her concerns about being boycotted by the Sikh community and the vigorous protests against her films in Punjab, all stemming from her outspoken stance against Khalistani terrorists. She emphasized that this was not a positive development and could tarnish the image of the entire Sikh community. She concluded with a patriotic message, saying, “Khalistani terrorism reflects poorly on them and has the potential to damage their reputation. Jai Hind.”

Ranaut had shared a screenshot of a comment related to the cancellation of Canadian-based singer-rapper Shubh’s India tour by BookMyShow India due to alleged connections to Khalistanis.

Shubh released a statement in response, clarifying, “My intention in sharing that post on my story was solely to express my concern for Punjab, as there were reports of electricity and internet shutdowns in the state. I had no ulterior motives and certainly did not intend to offend anyone. The accusations against me have deeply affected me.”

On the professional front, Kangana Ranaut is gearing up for her upcoming projects. She will be seen in P Vasu’s Tamil horror comedy, “Chandramukhi 2,” alongside Raghava Lawrence, set to hit theaters on September 28. Additionally, she has “Tejas” and her debut solo directorial venture, “Emergency,” scheduled for release later this year.