Asks to ensure maximum power generation from all sources and regular supply of electricity for direct sowing of paddy

PSPCL instructed to strengthen grievance redressal system

Chandigarh: Punjab Power Minister S. Harbhajan Singh ETO, on Friday, reviewed coal and power arrangements required for the upcoming paddy season and directed PSPCL to generate maximum power from all sources and ensure regular supply of power for direct sowing of paddy.

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Stressing upon the need for providing uninterrupted power supply during the paddy season, the Minister asked the senior officials to make necessary arrangements to ensure uninterrupted power supply during the season so that farmers could get power supply as per stipulated time limit.

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The Power Minister presiding over the meeting, which was attended by Principal Secretary Power Mr. Tejvir Singh, CMD PSPCL Mr. Baldev Singh Sran, Director Distribution Mr. DPS Grewal and other senior officers of PSPCL, reviewed the arrangements of coal and power required for the upcoming Paddy Season.

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Directing PSPCL for increasing manpower to strengthen complaint redressal system and de-loading overloaded grids, lines and transformers, the Minister asked PSPCL to ensure maximum generation of power. Further, the Power Minister directed PSPCL to ensure regular power supply to the agriculture sector for direct sowing of rice as per schedule notified by the government.

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He also appealed to the farmers for adopting direct sowing of paddy, asking them to co-operate in saving ground water by adopting this technique and avail the benefit of subsidy of Rs. 1500 per acre being provided by the state government. The Minister, while giving instructions to control the menace of theft of electricity in the state, also exhorted the officers to synergize their efforts to ensure regular and uninterrupted power supply to all categories of consumers in the state.