Valentines PUBG

PUBG has got a gift for fans complementing the day of love on 14th February.

The battle royale game is all set to be red, pink and white just for Valentine’s Day.

PUBG mobile had also made the announcement regarding its Valentines surprise on its Twitter account with a video titled, ‘There is no room for love on the battlegrounds’.

For a limited time period, all the items will be changed according to the Valentines theme including the battle-field full of flowers.

The items will include a ‘Killer Angel’ in a red leather costume with a white top plus wings and a ‘Smiley Heart Suit’ which is a giant heart outfit.

New additions will also include accessories like the Deadly Sweetheart Headband with heart-shaped antennas and two pink-colored guns – Deadly Sweetheart QBU and Skins-Frilly SKS.

(Dapinder Kaur)